CAR Mission and Vision

CAR Mission

The Canadian Association of Radiologists is the national voice of radiology committed to promoting the highest standards in patient-centered imaging, lifelong learning and research. Our physician members are respected as the experts in using diagnostic and therapeutic interventional imaging technology to promote safe, efficient and quality healthcare for Canadians.

CAR Vision

  1. The Canadian Association of Radiologists is the national authority and political voice of radiologists speaking to governments, industry, healthcare authorities, provincial and international radiology organizations and other specialty societies on matters of radiology training, research, manpower, licensing, accreditation, standards and future trends in radiology.
  2. The CAR is a strong organization with universal membership providing a unified, guiding, respected voice for all Canadian radiologists and the practice of radiology in Canada.
  3. Emphasizing appropriate, safe and cost-efficient quality care, the CAR is the preferred source of best practice information for radiologists, government, industry, healthcare authorities and the public. The CAR actively disseminates best practices by creating and maintaining guidelines, standards and advisories and promoting continuing education for radiologists, other physicians, healthcare workers, healthcare policy makers and the public.
  4. The CAR anticipates changes in radiology, technology, healthcare and related fields, predicts impact and pre-emptively acts to best address and shape change. In this way, the CAR undertakes to directly influence the future of the radiology profession in Canada and to be a leader in radiology on the global stage.