Working Groups

Working groups are composed of volunteers, mostly radiologist members and other medical specialists as required, who assist, guide, consult, create materials, research or advise as necessary to ensure that their assignments reflect the most accurate and professional results.

Many of the working groups are put in place to provide the CAR staff with advice and direction on very specific operations or programs run by the CAR office, such as the CAR’s Mammography Accreditation Program and each year’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Working Groups are also established to help the CAR formulate policies and timely guidance on very specific topics, such as position statements and advisories, or broad policies such as for finances, which are sent to the CAR Board of Directors for consideration and adoption. All Working Groups are task-specific and time-limited, which can range from weeks to months or longer if required.

The CAR regularly introduces new working groups to address timely issues. Let us know your particular area of interest beyond those listed. Some of the current CAR working groups include:

  • Annual Scientific Meeting
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry Accreditation Program
  • CARJ Reviewers
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Diagnostic Imaging Referral Guidelines
  • Mammography Accreditation Program
  • Radiation Protection

We encourage our members to participate on our working groups. There is great satisfaction in having an opportunity to shape the future of radiology.  To volunteer for one of the CAR working groups, please contact us.