Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

The Bone Mineral Densitometry Accreditation Program (BMD AP) of the Canadian Association of Radiologists has been updated and is now reintroduced.  The program is designed to ensure quality assurance in practice, and focuses on personnel qualifications, quality control, unit compliance and reporting quality. The CAR BMD AP has at its very foundation the CAR Technical Standards for Bone Mineral Densitometry Reporting. These standards must be met in order to be accredited by the CAR.

The program is a three year accreditation process built on the successful model of the award-winning Mammography Accreditation Program (MAP).  It is designed to monitor the compliance of the facility and the unit, the reporting methods and continuing educational qualifications of the physician and the technologist. in the practice of bone densitometry.  The Program will be administered by experienced CAR staff, and a steered by a nationally representative panel of experts. And with over 500 facilities accredited in the CAR’s MAP program, the CAR administration is building on its expertise in quality assurance to ensure quality improvement efforts in BMD receive recognition.

For more information on the program, or to receive an application package, please contact

Nick Neuheimer
Chief Executive Officer 
613 860-3111, ext. 200