Mammography Accreditation Program (MAP)

The Canadian Association of Radiologists' Mammography Accreditation Program (MAP) is an initiative instituted over 20 years ago to ensure that the quality of mammography images meets the highest standards. This voluntary program offers radiologists the opportunity for peer review and evaluation of their facility's staff qualifications, equipment performance, quality control and quality assurance programs, image quality, dose, and processor quality control.

The impetus for the program came as a result of the concerns of radiologists, other national medical organizations, and the public, that only qualified personnel perform and interpret mammograms and that dedicated mammography equipment remains optimally operational to ensure that women receive mammography examinations with the lowest possible dose and risk. Equipment calibration, performance, quality control activities, continuing technologist and radiologist education are all evaluated.

Today, over 500 facilities enjoy the benefits of being accredited through the CAR, and this number continues to grow. Facilities successfully completing all the CAR requirements will be granted accreditation for a three-year period and will be listed on the CAR website.   


“While great progress has been made in early detection and treatment, breast cancer remains the most common cancer in Canadian women over the age of 20 and one in seven women with breast cancer will receive their diagnosis in their 40s,” said Sandra Palmaro, CEO, and Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Ontario Region. “The Foundation supports the Canadian Association of Radiologists guidelines addressing screening mammography, and encourages all women aged 40-49 to talk to a health care provider about the benefits and limitations of mammography and what is right for them. Evidence shows that screening women in this age group helps save lives.”