CRF & CAR Leadership Scholarships


The scholarship will allow the selected CAR members to acquire or develop leadership skills to become radiology leaders of tomorrow who will shape the future of radiology to ensure quality, elevate service and deliver extraordinary patient care. With the right leadership training and the understanding of how to apply the learning, the CAR/CRF/UBC Sauder School of Business Leadership in Radiology will help radiology professionals advance their careers and the profession.

The scholarship shall be known as the Leadership Course in Radiology Scholarship.

Time and location of the event: April 24-25, 2018 in Montreal.

Terms of Reference:

The CRFand the CAR are under no obligation to offer the scholarship annually.

Except under very unusual circumstances, the scholarship will be given to one (2) residents or fellows and to one (1) practicing radiologists.


The Leadership Course in Radiology Scholarship applicant must be an individual member of the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) in good standing and be practicing in Canada or expecting to do so at the completion of training. The applicant cannot be a current Director of the CRF and/or the CAR Board of Directors.


Applicants must have a history of leadership involvement, preferably in the radiology field. Such history can be demonstrated by the extent to which the applicant has participated in the following types of activities:

  • Served on radiology or other governing boards or committees
  • Performed mentoring/teaching and supervisory experience
  • Had impactful involvement and achievement in professional programs/associations such as sports, arts, science, business, etc.
  • Performed other leadership activities (e.g., scout leader, church and charity activities, etc.)
  • Performed public speaking (e.g., lectures or public announcements, radio or TV appearances, etc.)
  • Demonstrated timelines and completion of assignments
  • Showed creativity in solving problems
  • Demonstrated responsibility on own initiative
  • Proven ability to work well with others
  • Displayed organizational skills (ability to handle multiple tasks, time management)
  • Acted consistently with core ethical and personal values and convictions.

Selection of the scholarship recipient will be based on the qualities of the candidate that demonstrate that he or she has exceptional leadership potential.

Application Process:

Please submit by email the following typed documentation (preferably in English):

  • Application form duly completed
  • CV highlighting leadership positions
  • Two (2) support letters from individuals who have observed the applicant in a leadership role or one (1) letter of support from the Program Director or Department Chief in consultation with the Program Director if the applicant is a resident or fellow.

The application and its supporting documents must be presented to the CAR office by November 15 of each year.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email two (2) months after the application submission deadline.


A CRF/CAR Leadership Scholarship Selection Board Working Group will evaluate the applications.

If unsuccessful the first year, the application may be reactivated by any member in good standing for consideration for a maximum of two (2) years following the first submission. This can be done by submitting a letter requesting reactivation by the application submission deadline of the subsequent year. This reactivation does not require any new supporting data, although additional information will be accepted.


  • Scholarship recipients will be announced on the CRF/CAR website and in the e-Newsletter and Annual Report.
  • Scholarship recipients will have to write a report on their experience which will be published on the CRF/CAR website.
  • Scholarships recipients attending the CAR/CRF/UBC Sauder School of Business Leadership in Radiology must be willing to be photographed during the course and agree to be interviewed about their experience for various CRF/CAR publications.

Costs covered by the CRF and the CAR:

  • Cost of course registration, and
  • Economy travel* (Air Canada Tango or equivalent with another airline), hotel (2 nights) and meals for recipient to attend the CAR/CRF/UBC Sauder School of Business Leadership in Radiology, up to a maximum of $2,000 per recipient (upon submission of expenses report and original receipts).

*Travel arrangements must be approved by the CAR prior to booking.