Educational Exhibits


  • 1st place: Fahad Essbaiheen and Carlos Torres – University of Ottawa
    The Lumbosacral Dural Sac: Imaging Anatomy and Pathology
  • 2nd place: Parikh Kushal – University of Michigan
    Capital equipment procurement process at a quaternary academic center: a resident’s perspective
  • 3rd place: Klaudia Jumaa – Western University
    Breast Side Story: Secrets Told by Mammography


  • 1st place: Naoya Shatani – University of British Columbia
    Pediatric Chest X-Ray Findings Guide Wise Choices for Secondary Investigation
  • 2nd place: Marie-Michèle Thériault – Dalhousie University
    Hereditary Disorders of Connective Tissue: A Review for Radiologists
  • 3rd place: Nasir Jaffer – University of Toronto
    Bowel Preparation in CT Colonography: Interactive Case Based Presentation


  • 1st place: Aninda Saha – St. Joseph's Healthcare
    Algorithm to Confidently Identify the Cerebral Lobes on CT and MRI
  • 2nd place: Julie Hurteau-Miller – Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
    The Role of Imaging in Pediatric Sinonasal Pathology
  • 3rd place: Arvind Shergill – University of Toronto
    Imaging of Urinary Diversion Procedures and Postoperative Complications: Surgical and Radiological Perspectives


  • 1st place: Michael E. Cody ‒ University of California, Irvine Medical Centre
    Duplex Ultrasound Imaging of Dialysis Fistulae and Grafts: Everything a Radiologist Needs to Know
  • 2nd place: Kathryn Darras (Roston) – University of British Columbia
    Pearls for Interpreting Cervical Spine Images in Trauma
  • 3rd place: Adam A. Dmytriw – Dalhousie Medical School
    Medical Emergencies in the Radiology Department


  • 1st place: Jo Yazer et al ‒ Dalhousie University/Capital District Health Authority
    Tips and Tricks for Conquering the Mediastinum on Chest X-Ray
  • 2nd place : Donia M. Sobh et al ‒ Dalhousie University, CDHA, QEII HSC
    Abnormalities of the Trachea and Main Bronchi: Improving Lesion Detection and Characterization by using CT Pattern Based Approach
  • 3rd place : Nicole Hughes et al ‒ Diagnostic Imaging Department Dalhousie University
    Acute Pancreatitis: The fundamental role of Contrast Enhanced Computed Tomography (CECT)


  • 1st place: Geoff Doherty et al. ‒ The Ottawa Hospital
    Screening Mammography Pros and Cons: Literature based scientific debate against the recent recommendations by the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care against screening mammography
  • 2nd place: Steven Burrell ‒ QEII Health Sciences Centre
    Troubleshooting Radiology Findings with Nuclear Medicine
  • 3rd place: Margaret Fraser-Hill et al. ‒ University of Ottawa
    Ultrasound of Deep Invasive Endometriosis: What you don't know can hurt her


  • 1st place: Silvio Bruni et al. ‒ Queen’s University School of Medicine
    The Differential Diagnosis of Adult Colonic Strictures with Computerized Tomography Colonography (CTC)
  • 2nd place: Jessica Coffey et al. ‒ Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Imaging of the Hands: Critical Findings in the Diagnosis of Arthropathies and various types of Metabolic Bone Disease
  • 3rd place: Vineeta Sethi et al. ‒ The Ottawa Hospital
    "Lines and Circles": Cross-sectional imaging of pseudoaneurysms and active bleeding in the belly


  • 1st place: Beth Furey et al. – Dalhousie University
    Imaging of Pelvic Endometriosis: The Ovarian Endometrioma and Beyond
  • 2nd place: Michael P. Loreto et al. – University of Toronto
    Hip Arthroplasty Hardware and Complications
  • 3rd place: Nathalie Duchesne et al. – The Breast Practices
    Underserved No More

1.     Michael E. Cody, UKI Medical Centre, Orange, California

Duplex Ultrasound Imaging of Dialysis Fistulae and Grafts: Everything a

     Radiologist Needs to Know