Radiologists-in-Training Contest


  • 1st place: Jessica Common – Memorial University of Newfoundland
    Reducing Wait-Time for Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: Impact of a Multidisciplinary, Centralized Referral Program
  • 2nd place: Naoya Shatani – University of British Columbia
    The relevance of abdominal radiographs in the evaluation of children with coin ingestion
  • 3rd place: Andrew D. Brown – University of Toronto
    Automating Medical Imaging Protocol Selection: A Feasibility Study of Machine Learning in Quality and Safety


  • 1st place: Trevor McGrath – University of Ottawa
    Meta-Analysis Methods used in Radiology Journals
  • 2nd place: Prasham Dave – University of Ottawa
    Area of Ischemia on CTA Source Images is Dependent on Phase of Contrast Enhancement in Acute Large Vessel Stroke: Implications for Patient Selection
  • 3rd place: Kathryn Darras – University of British Columbia
    Virtual Monochromatic Reconstruction of Contrast-Enhanced Dual-Energy CT at 40 keV Maximizes the Conspicuity of Peritoneal Metastases Compared with Polychromatic CT


  • 1st place: Kirsteen Burton – University of Toronto
    Estimation of the Extent of, and Factors Influencing, Diagnostic Neuroimaging Delay in Adult Ontario Patients Presenting with Symptoms Suggestive of Acute Ischemic Stroke
  • 2nd place: Emily Pang – Vancouver General Hospital
    Comparison of PI-RADS Version 2.0 and 1.0 Classification of Lesions Detected on Prostate mpMRI with Pathologic Correlation
  • 3rd place: David Wang – University of Toronto
    Acute Abdomen in the Emergency Department: Is CT a Time-Limiting Factor?


  • 1st place: Anthony Vo – University of Ottawa
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging for the Determination of Femoral Head Physis
  • 2nd place: Helen M. Cheung – University of Toronto
    Liver MRI with Gadofosoveset trisodium (Ablavar™)
  • 3rd place: Farheen Manji – McMaster University
    Comparison of Dual Energy Subtraction Chest Radiography and Traditional Chest X-Rays in the Detection of Pulmonary Nodules


  • 1st place: Paul Vantine et al – University of New Mexico
    Can non-contrast enhanced CT (NCECT) be used to triage patients suspected of having a non-traumatic acute aortic syndromes (AAS)?
  • 2nd place: Satya Patro et al – University of Ottawa
    Stenoses of  the azygous and internal jugular veins :  a true pathological finding in MS patients or an anatomical variant?
  • 3rd place: Hefin Jones et al – University of Alberta Hospitals
    Comparison of Dual Source 128 slice CT in high pitch and standard pitch modes for CT pulmonary angiography


  • 1st place: Judith Seary ‒ University of Toronto
    For Richer or Poorer is What Counts: Outpatient CT and MRI wait times at a tertiary care centre
  • 2nd place: Stephanie Kenny ‒ University of Ottawa
    What are Predictors of Resident Performance? Systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature with a subgroup analysis of radiology
  • 3rd place (tie): Naomi Winn ‒ University of Alberta
    Radiographic andMRI Findings in Paediatric Patients with Known Inflammatory Sacroiliitis: Are radiographs of paediatric sacroiliac joints useful?
  • 3rd place (tie): Hamed Basseri ‒ University of Ottawa
    Yield of CT Pulmonary angoigraphy to Exlude PE: The Ottawa Hospital Experience


  • 1st place: Suzanne Ryan et al. ‒ Memorial University
    Delays in Patient Flow Affect Prognosis of Lung Cancer in Newfoundland
  • 2nd place: Cyrille Naïm et al. ‒ Université de Montréal
    Characterization of Carotid Plaques with Ultrasound Elastography: A Correlation with High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • 3rd place: Sasha Bhan et al. ‒ McMaster University
    Cost-utility analysis of management strategies for non-surgical patients with a small renal mass: biopsy, radiofrequency ablation, cryoablation, active surveillance


  • 1st place: Kalesha Hack et al. – The Ottawa Hospital
    Assessment of CAM-type Morphology of the Hip in 200 Asymptomatic Volunteers
  • 2nd place: Everick Ayala et al. – McGill University Health Center
    After undergoing breast screening mammograms, would patients rather have additional work-up done the same day?
  • 3rd place: Zahara Abhari et al. – University of Manitoba
    Calculation of Cumulative Effective Dose from CR Modality X-rays in Neonates Using Monte Carlo Based Simulation


  • 1st place: Joseph Barfett et al. – University of Toronto
  • 2nd place: Véronique Caty et al. – Université de Montréal
  • 3rd place: Andreu Costa et al. – University of Ottawa


  • 1st place: Anne Marie Beaudet et al. – Memorial University
  • 2nd place: Jennifer Tynan et al. – University of Saskatchewan
  • 3rd place: Seng Thipphavong et al. – University of Ottawa


  • 1st place: Edgar Jan et al. – McMaster University
  • 2nd place: Jeremy Rempel et al. – Memorial University


  • 1st place: Jacob Jaremko et al. – University of Alberta
  • 2nd place: Jeffrey Hagel – University of British Columbia


  • 1st place: Richard Bitar et al. – University of Toronto
  • 2nd place: Rola Shaheen et al. – University of Toronto
  • 3rd place: Elizabeth Ngan et al. – University of Alberta


  • 1st place: Aaron Hall et al. – University of Alberta
  • 2nd place: Talia Vertinsky et al. – University of British Columbia
  • 3rd place: Melanie Ferri et al. – McMaster University 


  • 1st place: Geoff Donsky – McMaster University
  • 2nd place: Meaghen Hyland (Toronto), Bartolomiej Pleszewski (Montreal), Blair Henderson (Manitoba) and Veera Bharatwal (Manitoba)


  • 1st place: Mary L. Hassard – University of Western Ontario
  • 2nd place: Rob Beecroft – Dalhousie University 
  • 3rd place: Lori McDonald – Memorial University


  • 1st place: Andrew Farrall – Dalhousie University
  • 2nd place: Viviane Khoury – Dalhousie University
  • 3rd place: Iain Kirkpatrick – University of Manitoba


  • 1st place:  Marie-France Giroux – Université de Montréal
  • 2nd place: Eric J. Versnick – Dalhousie University
  • 3rd place: Muhammad Munshi – University of Manitoba


  • 1st place: Matthias H. Schmidt – University of Western Ontario
  • 2nd place: Sandeep S. Naik – University of Toronto
  • 3rd place: Isabelle Trop – Université de Montréal


  • 1st place: Sven E. Aippersbach – University of British Columbia
  • 2nd place: Jeff McTavish – University of Toronto
  • 3rd place: Dennis Zander – McGill University


  • 1st place: Michael Salgado – Dalhousie University
  • 2nd place: Timothy W.I. Clark – University of British Columbia 
  • 3rd place: Tiffany Buglass – University of Saskatchewan


  • 1st place: Philippe C. René – Université de Montréal
  • 2nd place: Tara M. Williams – University of Toronto
  • 3rd place: Derrick McPhee – Dalhousie University


  • 1st place: Jean M. Seely – University of British Columbia
  • 2nd place: Nathalie Duchesne – Université Laval 
  • 3rd place: Marc J. Kravis – University of Western Ontario