CHAR History

The academic heads of radiology at Canadian universities have come together since 1978 in an organization called Canadian Heads of Academic Radiology (CHAR). That year, Dr. Joachim Burhenne arrived at the University of British Columbia from San Francisco and identified the need for communication and exchange of ideas on academic radiology such as teaching of radiology to medical students. Research and fellowship programmes, as well as the issues of residency education, are usefully discussed by all of the chairmen of radiology in Canada for mutual benefit if such a group were created.

Past Presidents of CHAR
1979–80 Joachim Burhenne
1980–81 Max Palayew
1981–82 Ted Lansdown
1982–83 Douglas MacEwan
1983–84 Robert Fortin
1984–85 Gordon Potts
1985–86 David Fraser
1986–88 Roméo Éthier
1988–90 Don Russell
1990–92 David Fraser
1992–94 Barry Hobbs
1994–98 Brian Lentle
1998–00 Guy Breton
2000–02 Paul LeBrun
2002–04 Sat Somers
2004–06 Blake McClarty
2006–08 Benvon Cramer
2008–10 Robert Sevick
2010–12 Patrice Bret
2012–      David Koff

Because of CHAR’S interest in research, it was well positioned to serve as an advisory board to the Sterling-Winthrop Imaging Research Institute which ceased operations in 1993.

CHAR has taken over the administration of residual funds from the Institute and has overseen the disbursement of annual peer-reviewed research projects since that time (see Grants for further information, guidelines and downloadable application forms).