CAR Resident Section

A Message from the Chair of the CAR Resident Section

The CAR Resident Section is the joint collaborative effort of resident liaisons and volunteers from all 16 residency programs across the country. Founded in 2015 under the leadership of past president Dr. Willie Miller and then-Resident Representative Dr. Kari Visscher, the CAR RS was an initiative for residents to share resources, collaborate on projects and help foster a strong resident membership in our national society.

In the short time the section has been active we have developed a number of resources in education, research, leadership and career development for both junior and senior residents across the country. Many of these are proudly displayed throughout this site. Our work will continue through the 2017/2018 term, with many exciting new projects already underway. Recent work by our Membership subcommittee has also led to the development of a medical student network, which we hope will provide opportunities for medical students from across the country to collaborate and benefit from joint projects in the same way our section has over the past 2 years.

Please take the time to explore the site and make use of some of the resources we have developed such as the jobs database, the Canadian fellowship information/database or our Transition to Radiology Residency guide, available soon. We welcome feedback and are always looking for ideas for improvement or opportunities for collaboration.  


Alexander (Alex) A. Botsford
Chair, CAR Resident Section
CAR Board of Directors Resident Representative, 2017/2018