Transition to Radiology Residency

In hopes of facilitating the transition from medical school to radiology residency for first year residents, the Resident Section has developed a document titled Transition to Radiology Residency.

Although many programs produce their own guides to radiology residency, the RS felt that it would be useful to have a cohesive guide that could be used by all programs across Canada. This guide encompasses general information and answers the most commonly-asked questions from first year residents. It covers:

  • Residency tips and tricks
  • Common on-call pathologies
  • Introduction to radiology dictations, plus recommended reading and helpful tips
  • Practical approach to taking cases during rounds
  • Learning to protocol studies
  • Contrast media – adverse reactions, premedication, management of acute reactions, and contrast-induced nephropathy
  • Radiation safety – background and definitions, effects of radiation exposure, and radiation risk associated with common imaging examinations
  • Resources
  • On-call template

The RS will be updating the document on an annual basis to ensure the information remains accurate and relevant. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions related to the document, please contact us at