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September 5, 2017

How the CAR is tackling proposed tax changes to CCPCs

Meetings with senior policymakers

On Thursday August 24, Dr. Mike Barry, Vice-President of the CAR met with senior officials in Ottawa regarding the proposed changes to tax structures for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs) – changes which will impact many CAR members and other physicians across Canada. Representing incorporated radiologists, Dr. Barry met with policymakers at the Canada Revenue Agency, senior Conservative party policy officials at the Office of the Loyal Opposition and with Mr. Justin To, Deputy Director of Policy at the Prime Minister’s Office.
Dr. Mike Barry met with Deputy Director of Poilicy at the Prime Minster's Office to discuss proposed tax changes.

In every instance, Dr. Barry emphasized the detrimental effect that the proposed changes will have on the ability of radiologists to deliver optimal patient care and to serve their communities, not to mention invest in their businesses, save for retirement, and independently fund their benefits.

Dr. Padilla-Thornton makes inroads in British Columbia

Using our toolkit, CAR member Dr. Amie Padilla-Thornton had a very successful meeting with her MP Pamela Goldsmith-Jones (West Vancouver, BC), who indicated that she had received over 40 letters about this issue. As a result of the meeting, Goldsmith-Jones is going to submit a briefing to Minister Morneau’s office detailing the effect that the changes will have in her riding.

Future opportunities to influence the consultation

Prior to the September meeting of the CAR Board of Directors, CAR President Dr. Emil Lee will be meeting with Mr. Elliot Hughes, Deputy Director of the Office of the Minister of Finance. Other upcoming meetings include Dr. Magalie Dubé meeting with her MP Mr. Greg Fergus (Hull-Aylmer QC) the week of September 11. Each time the CAR meets with senior government officials or Members of Parliament, we are strengthening our position and increasing pressure on the Government to reconsider the negative impact that these changes will have on Canadian patients, physicians, and the economy.


Coalition for small business tax fairness

The CAR joined 35 organizations from across the country in forming the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness. It is a diverse group of organizations representing all manner of small business interests across Canada to oppose the federal government’s proposals that would dramatically change the way incorporated small businesses are taxed. A letter was presented to Finance Minister Bill Morneau on behalf of the coalition on August 30. Moreover, the CAR continues to stand united with the Canadian Medical Association and other physician groups in opposing these changes from the perspective of maintaining access to quality and sustainable healthcare.

Upcoming CAR board meeting and provincial radiology leaders meeting

All of these activities will be discussed during the CAR Board Meeting (September 8-9, in Ottawa), and during the September 7 meeting of the Provincial Radiology Leaders. These meetings will also be an opportunity for the CAR to share information about the broader federal budget consultation process for this fall, and our advocacy priorities ( including:

  • Additional funding for medical imaging equipment
  • Funding for clinical decision support for medical imaging
  • Staking the claim of radiology as a steward of AI technology in medicine
  • Raising awareness about the value of radiology

The CAR will continue to work on behalf of our incorporated members on this crucial issue and will keep you updated on our activities. If you have met your MP, or plan on doing so, we’d love to hear from you; email us at



August 11, 2017

Dear CAR members,
As the CAR continues to advocate on behalf of radiologists regarding the proposed tax reforms to CCPCs, we would like to draw your attention to the recent statement released by the President of the CMA, Dr. Granger Avery.

As Dr. Avery stated: “nothing is more effective than individual doctors talking directly to their local politicians. We have a short window to make ourselves heard, and I urge each one of you to write, call and meet with your local MP and your provincial or territorial representative (MPP, MLA, MNA, etc.). The CMA has key messages to augment your own compelling personal narrative, which highlight the consequences this will have for you and your patients.”

Speaking with a unified voice

As the national voice of radiology, the CAR stands united with the CMA and our colleagues throughout the country in bringing forward evidence and recommendations in opposition to the Federeal Government's proposed tax reforms affecting private corporations. I have spoken with Dr. Avery and his call to action is one that the CAR supports. I encourage our members to make use of the tools and platform that the CMA has made available to all physicians. As always, we will be stronger if we speak with one voice. The CAR will be meeting with provincial leaders on September 7th in Ottawa. We recognize the efforts that the OAR has already made on behalf of radiologists in Ontario and look forward to working with all provincial radiology associations in a unified manner, on this very important issue.

Additionally, I would like to recognize Dr. Mike Barry, CAR Vice President, from Saint John, New Brunswick - who has not only already discussed the issue with his MP but continues to rally radiologists across the country.

The CAR has compiled a toolkit for radiologists who want to meet their MPs. If you need help finding your local representative, or setting up a meeting contact us at Find your local representative here.

Dr. Emil Lee
Canadian Association of Radiologists



July 28, 2017

Dear CAR members,

Since the announcement one week ago that the federal Finance Minister is proposing changes to the tax framework for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs), the CAR has been liaising with the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) and provincial radiology associations to determine what our next steps should be.

For its part, the CMA has undertaken the following actions:
1. Connecting with all provincial and territorial medical associations – the CMA received unanimous support to lead efforts, coordinate messaging, and gather evidence from PTMAs on the impact to the health system
2. Forging an alliance with other affected parties and independent businesses, as a way of exchanging technical information and addressing the matter in a comprehensive manner. It’s anticipated that a common front will resonate more effectively with government.
3. Working with a government relations and tax experts to assist CMA position statement and strategy development
4. Reaching out to national specialty societies (including the CAR) to share regular information updates, gather vignettes, and draft a policy position

The CAR will continue to work with the CMA and other concerned societies to ensure that it puts forward the strongest possible recommendation on behalf of Canadian radiologists. The CMA has compiled a list of FAQs for physicians, available here.

If you would like more information about the ways that your practice or group might be affected by the changes, please contact your accountant, financial planner, or legal counsel.

We Need Your Stories

The CAR is also seeking stories and information about how these changes will impact you, our members, and your patients. As we prepare our own submission to the Finance Minister, the CAR needs vignettes and real-world examples of how radiology will be affected by the proposed changes.

We want to know more about how incorporation enables you to purchase equipment, employ staff, and manage overhead expenses, and to better understand and explain how your practices operate as small businesses to deliver comprehensive imaging care.

If you would like to share your story, please contact

Thank you, to those of you who have already reached out to explain how your practice and patients will be affected by the proposed changes.

Dr. Emil Lee
Canadian Association of Radiologists


July 18, 2017

Dear CAR members,

Today, Tuesday July 18, the Hon. Bill Morneau, the federal Minister of Finance held a press conference to announce a consultation process on proposed changes to tax structures for Canadian-controlled private corporations (CCPCs). Many radiologists who are incorporated into group structures may be impacted by these changes.

The CAR would like to assure our members that we are monitoring the situation closely. In addition, over the coming weeks we will be:

  • Contacting Minister Morneau’s office directly, to discuss the way that radiology will be affected by this proposal
  • Preparing an official submission for the Finance Committee consultation, to be submitted October 2
  • Including the issue in our pre-budget submission to the Finance Committee, to be submitted August 4
  • Consulting with the Canadian Medical Association on a coordinated response

The Government has released draft legislation to implement the proposals and is seeking comment, which the CAR will be providing on behalf of members in the form of a formal submission to the consultation process.

If you would like more information about the ways that your practice or group might be affected by the changes, please contact your accountant, financial planner, or legal counsel.

The CAR is also seeking stories and information about how these changes will impact you, our members, and your patients. If you would like to share your story, please contact

Dr. Emil Lee
Canadian Association of Radiologists