Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Projects

When the CAR’s referral guidelines are integrated seamlessly into the healthcare workflow, physicians are better able to order the best test first. This helps prevent unnecessary procedures, reduces wait times, and leads to better outcomes for the patient.

That's why the CAR has worked with a healthcare technology company to incorporate the CAR referral guidelines into an innovative computerized clinical decision support tool. The tool connects with a computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system that physicians use to enter clinical information about a patient and request imaging exams. The CPOE system automatically alerts physicians when the exam they have ordered does not comply with the CAR’s Diagnostic Imaging Referral Guidelines and recommends the appropriate procedure.

In addition, the CAR has partnered with governments and other organizations to find and promote new ways to incorporate imaging guidelines into healthcare systems and to educate physicians on the value of imaging guidelines.

Read the Results

The CPOE system has been pilot-tested in a children’s hospital and a family practice clinic. Click here to read a summary of the pilot tests.